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About the French Department

Mission of the French Department: The French Department at the Faculty of Law was created following the signature of the Convention between Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) and Moldova State University (MSU) on 6 May 1997. The primary vocation of the French Department consists in studying the law courses in French, and in increasing international academic mobility. Other goals include: achieving a level of training meeting international standards, and consistent with the needs of the labor market; training of master and Ph.D. students; motivating students in pursuing their professional training, etc. Students and professors involved in the functionning of the Department benefit from scholarships offered by AUF, Alliance Française, Soros Foundation, etc. Besides the above-mentioned academic mobility, the French Department is honored to host annually visits of missionaries from partner universities.

Organization of classes: The education program at the French Department is the same as that existing at the Faculty of Law of MSU. Upon graduation students receive a law degree and a diploma certifying their studies at the French Department; the latter is awarded by AUF, and is recognized by partner universities parties to co-operation agreements.

Among the professors who teach at the French Department are: Aurel Băieşu, Violeta Cojocaru, Olga Dorul, Florentina Drăgan, Vladimir Grosu, Natalia Marcova, Diana Lazăr, Olesea Plotnic, Diana Sârcu-Scobioală, Eduard Serbenco, Maria Strulea, Natalia Suceveanu, Mihaela Vidaicu, Veaceslav Zaporojan.

Enrolment: The admission exam at the French Department is held during the first week of September of each academic year. In order to become a student at the French Department one has to: a) be enrolled in the 1st year of his or her studies at the Faculty of Law of MSU; b) to take a test of knowledge of French (bilingual classes graduates are exempted from this test); and c) to pass an interview.

Contact person: Prof. Violeta Cojocaru, Head of the French Department, tel.: 022 57 77 31, email: violetacojocaru@yahoo.fr, office 24, building 2 A, office hours: 12.00-17.00 (Tuesday); 12.00-17.00 (Wednesday); 12.00-17.00 (Thursday).




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